32 teams join the How to Web Startup Spotlight

Bucharest, October 30th 2014. How to Web Startup Spotlight, competition and orientation program for early stage tech startups in Central and Eastern Europe, will bring together 32 teams from 10 countries this November. They will attend dedicated workshops and mentoring sessions and will get the chance to pitch their products on the main stage of How to Web Conference 2014, and also compete for the cash prizes of 20.000 USD offered by IXIA, main partner of the program.

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Gründerwissen kompakt – Schritt für Schritt zum Unternehmen

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In diesem Herbst bietet die Stadt Wiesbaden zusammen mit dem Competence & Career Center der Hochschule RheinMain die Workshop-Reihe GRÜNDERwissen kompakt an — für Unternehmensgründer und alle, die es werden wollen.

An vier Nachmittagen erfahren die Teilnehmer mehr zu allen Fragen rund um das Thema Existenzgründung. Worauf Sie bei der Unternehmensgründung achten müssen und wie ihre Geschäftsidee zum Erfolg wird, erfahren Sie im ersten Workshop.

Im zweiten Workshop geht es um die Gründer-Persönlichkeit: Über welche Eigenschaften sollte ein Gründer verfügen? Welche Fähigkeiten sollte man mitbringen? Und was ist wichtig, um zu gründen?

Der dritte Workshop beschäftigt sich mit Kundengewinnung, Vertrieb und Marketing — selbst wer schon länger im Geschäft ist, bekommt hier Anregungen zur Verbesserung seiner Kunden- ansprache unter Nutzung von Social Media.

Best-Practice-Beispiele zeigen wir Ihnen in der letzten Veranstaltung. Erfolgreiche Wiesbadener Gründer berichten über ihre Erfahrungen und stehen für Fragen zur Verfügung. Lernen Sie von anderen und vernetzen Sie…

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Starting a startup? Heres what to do and how to do it…

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Startups today have become the foundation of hope in the shape of accelerated success. Building a business leveraged by the opportunity technology can bring can pay off huge rewards. But, the learning start-up incubators like Y Combinator have gained over the years never been formally put together any form until now.

Stanford University has started offering a class in startups. The classes are lectured by some of the most influential, and successful tech founders in silicon valley. From founders of Y Combinator, Facebook, PayPal, Andreessen Horowitz, Netscape, Airbnb, Pinterest and many more they reveal some of the secrets of the startup journey.

I highly recommend them. Even if your not planning on starting one yourself, the insight into how the fastest growing companies are born and how they operate will feed some ideas into your own business, or the way you look at business as a whole.

How to Start a Startup

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Stepping Up to Start Up

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Stepping Up to Start Up


In today’s business climate, the term “start up” is often associated with web and tech type companies designing apps or products that are then marketed online, sometimes turning unassuming twenty-somethings into multimillionaires overnight. We all know the stereotypes – a coffee-fueled entrepreneur working through the wee hours of the morning in a coffee shop or make-shift incubator space, a group of individuals collectively vibing and working together to make their vision come to life. But it’s not just the tech industry that is confined to the term startup and the enthusiasm/drive is not just confined to software coding and programming.

Before “start up” became the buzzword it is today and before these new businesses had all the appeal, it was just a man/woman, their plan and their hustle (or blood, sweat and tears if you’re not a Gen X’er or Millennial).  Whether you’re the only…

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The Greenshoe = how to repay all those that helped along the way.

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How is it that so many people associated with startups reap the financial benefits, yet others just as close get no financial upside This is a source of frustration among many people in the startup sphere. Imagine if you’re in Silicon Valley right now with no equity in a tech startup, but associated with several people getting six figure “bonuses” because they somehow wound up with some stock in one.

The free parties (or not free) and swag and great stories and boat rides in the bay are nice. Sometimes you’ll even score an iPad or Apple TV, but it’s not the same as being one of the insiders.

Often as startups grow and maneuver their way through the jungle of success or failure, they have a lot of help from those around them.

Often many these people don’t have any equity or upside from their advise or moral support…

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Nigerian Startup Going Up Against Paypal Is About To Raise Almost $10m

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Ever since SimplePay pitched on stage in Geneva at the $500,000 SeedStars World startup competition in February, the Nigerian internet payment startup has witnessed a rain of investment proposals from local and international moneybags.

SimplePay founder Simeon Ononobi while addressing a keen audience of tech entrepreneurs, investors, and media persons, explained he had planned to launch Africa’s ebay off proceeds from his last exit when he realised it costs merchants in Nigeria $3000 to be able to accept online payments from debit cards. And at the time, the free and easy to use third-party payment platform Paypal was unavailable to users in Nigeria, and most of Africa. By January 2013 SimplePay was born.

Simply, the startup is Paypal localised to the Nigerian market and it’s no wonder investors are scurrying to have a piece of the pie. According to Euromonitor, the 171 million people-strong country has a 62.4 million online…

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[Eindhoven-Startups] 30€ for Startup Weekend Eindhoven – Crazy Weekend offer

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As you know Startup Weekend is happening at the end of November in Eindhoven. To celebrate the 5th edition and also to end the early bird, this weekend, and only this weekend you can find tickets for 30€!!!!

Get yours on http://goo.gl/asyDAS with the code SWCrazyWeekend.

Come to build skills, meet incredible people, launch successful startups and get lighted up!
Remember that on Monday prices double up!

Via Victoria Martinez

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