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The Ideal Startup Team


David Cummings on Startups

So, you have a great idea and it’s time to build out a team. What’s the ideal team look like? Assuming you could pull together a team of five people that could take little/no salary, or you raised a $500k seed round, here’s an ideal startup team:

  • Co-Founder 1 – Product management-focused domain expert that loves building things
  • Co-Founder 2 – Sales and marketing expert that can bring a new product to market
  • Two Software Engineers – Great jack-of-all-trades engineers that are smart and get things done
  • UI/UX Engineer – Awesome front-end engineer that can build interfaces and relate to the end users

So, the ideal startup team has two co-founders and three engineers with an acute focus on building a great product and achieving product/market fit as fast as possible.

What else? What’s your ideal startup team?

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