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Starting a startup? Heres what to do and how to do it…



Javier Garcia

Startups today have become the foundation of hope in the shape of accelerated success. Building a business leveraged by the opportunity technology can bring can pay off huge rewards. But, the learning start-up incubators like Y Combinator have gained over the years never been formally put together any form until now.

Stanford University has started offering a class in startups. The classes are lectured by some of the most influential, and successful tech founders in silicon valley. From founders of Y Combinator, Facebook, PayPal, Andreessen Horowitz, Netscape, Airbnb, Pinterest and many more they reveal some of the secrets of the startup journey.

I highly recommend them. Even if your not planning on starting one yourself, the insight into how the fastest growing companies are born and how they operate will feed some ideas into your own business, or the way you look at business as a whole.

How to Start a Startup

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