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Stepping Up to Start Up



nicholas dunlap

Stepping Up to Start Up


In today’s business climate, the term “start up” is often associated with web and tech type companies designing apps or products that are then marketed online, sometimes turning unassuming twenty-somethings into multimillionaires overnight. We all know the stereotypes – a coffee-fueled entrepreneur working through the wee hours of the morning in a coffee shop or make-shift incubator space, a group of individuals collectively vibing and working together to make their vision come to life. But it’s not just the tech industry that is confined to the term startup and the enthusiasm/drive is not just confined to software coding and programming.

Before “start up” became the buzzword it is today and before these new businesses had all the appeal, it was just a man/woman, their plan and their hustle (or blood, sweat and tears if you’re not a Gen X’er or Millennial).  Whether you’re the only…

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