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Elon Musk Launches Neuralink Startup to Connect Your Brain to the Internet



Not content with pioneering electric cars, founding the world’s largest online payments firm, or making humanity a multi-planetary species, billionaire polymath Elon Musk now has plans to connect our brains to computers.The PayPal founder and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX believes humans need something called a neural lace in order to compete with artificial intelligence. In order to achieve this, Musk has launched the startup Neuralink, according to a report on Monday in the Wall Street Journal.

Neuralink was registered as a “medical research” firm in California last July and is being privately funded by Musk. According to the report, leading academics and neuroscientists have been brought in to work on developing the neural lace.

The technology involves implanting electrodes into the brain in order to create a wireless brain-computer interface, capable of augmenting natural intelligence by downloading or uploading thoughts to or from a computer.

You can read the whole article here via:


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